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We are the leading neutral logistics provider in the Nordic region

20+ years ago, Nordicon AB started it´s journey in the world of consolidation. With a vision of simplifying supply chains and reducing costs for businesses, they began their operations. Over the years, Nordicon honed its expertise, offering comprehensive logistics solutions that brought efficiency and savings to their clients. Through partnerships and innovation, they expanded their services to cover the whole world with consolidation services, becoming a global player in the industry.


Today, as they celebrate 20+ years of excellence, Nordicon remains a trusted name, known for streamlining operations and fostering collaboration in the ever-evolving world of  consolidation. A smooth flow of goods is essential to the success of your company.


We have the relationships, experience and knowledge to execute your transport needs in a cost effective manner. To find out more how we can acheive this for you and your company, please contact us for more information.

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Nordicon Trucking (1)
Neutral terminal services just outside the Port of Gothenburg

The terminal is an integrated part of Nordicons operations and range of neutral services to the forwarding and logistics market.

With the geographical location just outside the Port of Gothenburg, Nordicon Terminals operates on two units that meets the markets needs for terminal services with modern solutions for increased quality and efficiency.

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Pick n pack

“No 1” does not only mean that we have the most competitive range of services, but also that we are dominant in IT solutions as well as customer service. Our aim and promise to Customers is to constantly strive for development and improved service.

No 1


Neutral consolidation since 2002

Nordicon is the leading neutral consolidation company in the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. From our own warehouses in Gothenburg, Sweden as well as local terminals in each country, the company organizes the consolidation of freight to more than 500 export destinations and from more than 300 import locations around the world.


Nordicon partners with ECU Worldwide, the global leader in neutral LCL consolidation with a network operating in 180 countries, more than 2400 direct trade lanes for LCL, and door-to-door services offered in more than 50 global markets.

Besides its core LCL (Less than Container Load) business on ocean and rail and focus on direct consolidation services, Nordicon also offers FCL (Full Container Load) and a range of other transport-related services such as warehousing, air freight, and trucking. With Nordicon’s tailored solutions for forwarders, FCS, we create a logistic chain and monitor cargo flows to match our customers’ specific needs and requirements.


Our highly experienced staff, quality operational systems, innovative IT solutions, and financial strength, give us the reliability required to meet the demands of today’s market and future expectations.

Ocean freight
Rail freight
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Nordicon has been the leading neutral consolidator in the Nordic region for several years and are proud to offer the most extensive number of direct services to and from the Region.

Best in service

One of Nordicon’s group priority areas is to be Best in Service (BIS). We aim to constantly improve our customer service, which includes everything from transport quality to operational service. Our staff is a core value and we believe that thriving employees are the foundation for our BIS commitment.

IT solutions and innovation are another priority area for Nordicon. We listen to our customers’ needs and requirements as the best source of information for achieving our BIS target. 

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